Qian Yi in Paradise Interrupted, Spoleto USA 2015
Qian Yi stars in Paradise Interrupted at Spoleto Festival USA. Learn more...

Paradise Interrupted
Qian Yi sings in the leading role of this new installation opera premiering at Spoleto Festival USA.
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Women: The War Within
Qian Yi stars in a new dance-theatre opera, Women: The War Within at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
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Moonlight Meditation
Qian Yi leads an ensemble of musicians as they recreate the scholarly milieu of ancient Chinese gentry at
the Smithsonian Museum's Freer Gallery of Art.
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Portraits in Dramatic Time
Qian Yi performs on an enormous outdoor screen in David Michalek's hyper-slow-motion video series, as part of
Lincoln Center Festival.
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Chinese Pop Songs from 1930s
Qian Yi sings pop and jazz standards from Shanghai's golden age.
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The Peony Pavilion
Qian Yi stars in Lincoln Center Festival's historic and widely acclaimed 19-hour production.
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CiHu - The Slaying of the Tiger General
Qian Yi performs "CiHu - The Slaying of the Tiger General" at Asia Society. Qian Yi is joined by the Du Yun Quartet.
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The Interrupted Dream
Qian Yi performs in the play "The Interrupted Dream" by Hsien-yung Pai.
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Legend of Rainbow Fairy
Qian Yi stars in this new Chinese opera fusing Nanguan and Kunqu traditions.
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Snow in June
Qian Yi stars in this modern adaptation of a Yuan Dynasty classic at the American Repertory Theater.
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Dark Matter
Independent film starring Meryl Streep, Liu Ye and Aiden Quinn, winner of the Sundance Festival's Arthur P. Sloan Prize.
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Triple 8 Palace
Qian Yi stars in this film by Alexander Ku. Triple 8 Palace received Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival.
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The Bonesetter's Daughter
Qian Yi sings the title role of this new opera based on Amy Tan's best selling novel at The San Francisco Opera.
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The Butterfly Dream
The Butterfly Dream premieres at Taiwan's National Theater as part of its 20th anniversary celebration.
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• Qian Yi's Moonlight Meditation Premiere at Smithsonian Museum Freer and Sackler Galleries.

• Qian Yi stars in a new dance-theatre opera Women: The War Within at Baryshnikov Arts Center.
• Qian Yi with David Henry Hwang in The New York Times Style Section.
• Qian Yi performs CiHu - The Slaying of the Tiger General at Asia Society. Qian Yi is joined by the Du Yun Quartet.
• Listen to the ArtonAir.org interview with Qian Yi and composer Du Yun on Assassination of the Tiger.
The Musée de Louvre screens the full length (19 hour) film of The Peony Pavilion Starring Qian Yi.
Bonesetter's Daughter Documentary Film to air Sunday, March 8th on PBS. Check local listings for time.
• Qian Yi to perform in David Michalek’s Portraits in Dramatic Time video installation at the Lincoln Center Festival.
• Qian Yi to perform with Shanghai Kunqu Troupe at Columbia University and The Smithsonian's Freer/ Sackler Galleries

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